About Us

Created in November 2011, Rhubarb Toys is the creation of me, Emma Nicholls. I live in Flitch Green, Essex with my wonderfully supportive husband Omar and my two testing team heroes, also known as my children, Harry (6) and Siena (4)!

I started Rhubarb because I believe that in today's society, our children are robbed of their right to play and just generally be kids. All too often they find huge distractions and forget that time to play...(to be clear I also strongly believe in tidy bedrooms, brushed teeth and homework but think there should be time for both!!)

I also wanted to source beautifully designed and built toys that last and last and can then be handed on to friends and still last...

One of my favourite places in the world is Normandy, France where my uncle lives and summer family holidays are a bit of a tradition for us, but whilst there, I always pop into their toy shops as the French manufacturers have a reputation for quality and toys built to last.

I wanted to create not just a website that sells products but also offer a service to my lovely customers so if there is something you have in mind and you can't find it, please give me a ring - I love a challenge and one of my favourite pastimes is searching for unusual toys so let me do the hard work for you!

The Internet can be a faceless place so if you want to talk through anything, please do call me and I will be happy to help (or chat about the weather for that matter!)



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